Looking For Quarter Horse Breeders

Ah, horses. Who does not love them? Well, probably those who have never seen them in person. Or some of the people that fell off of them. And the ones that got hurt by them, which is perfectly understandable. Ah, well, whatever the case, it would be nice to find some quarter horse breeders in Iowa.

To be honest, we have not actually ridden a horse ourselves although we HAVE seen some. And we do have fantasies about riding them sometimes and then shooting arrows like a badass. Do you not have those imaginations? We certainly started having them after watching the Lord of the Rings and the rest of its movies.

And then do not even forget about all the fantasy television series like Game of Thrones and the anime around the same kind of fantasy genre. They are practically everywhere. And speaking of Game of Thrones, looks like the final season is finally here, huh? What a relief.

Almost two whole years of waiting for it but at least t it is here now. But with only like six or seven episodes. Well, at least we can fully say that they will not drag this out, huh? But at the same time, is it really necessary to shorten it to that?

Why not just make it ten episodes like how they usually did it in the previous seasons? Or maybe make it just under eight like the last one? Ah well, the reason they gave us is that the whole books are ending too. And they can only really do it in these couple of episodes.

And the good thing about it is that it makes the whole thing precious since it is only those few episodes. But hey, can you really complain when one episode is an hour long? These are basically movies but with more hype than the Marvel franchise could ever muster up. The series is probably the most watched and anticipated of all time now that we think about it.

If they drag it on for too long then it may become like the Supernatural series. Sure, that one is loved and precious all on its own but with every season reaching over twenty episodes and with more than thirteen seasons, it kind of lost its magic, you know? Most of the episodes are just fillers that either made sense or did not, mostly to fan service too. And then for just the crazy ideas their writers and authors had.

Sure, they can be fun and entertaining but the main story is kind of where it is at. They do not even have horses. Now thinking about a horse just makes us want to buy one and ride it to the sunset. Shooting arrows at wenches and making sure that we have the best time of our life killing people.

You can say that that is a bit too much but we really do want to try it. The horse riding part, not the killing part. But we can do with shooting arrows too since we tried doing that for the first time a month ago. It was really fun and we earned a really big ugly bruise that we are honestly proud of.

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