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An Overview of Zimmer Knee Implants Lawsuit

One would understand the attraction of a Zimmer knee lawsuit at the behest of a patient with an allegedly failing knee implant. ‘Seniors today are active, vibrant and not content to retire to the sofa. So when an artificial knee which is designed and expected to last more than 15 years begins to fail after two, little wonder people start running-gingerly-to their lawyer.

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The Zimmer NexGen knee system has been around since 1994-implanted in millions of patients worldwide and at least a half-million in the US. To that end, the NexGen system generally has been a good performer for all concerned-Zimmer, surgeons and the patients who benefit from them.

Studies have shown that the product could potentially have a high failure rate. A feature report in the New York Times last June put the spotlight on a version of the Zimmer NexGen knee replacement system that is designed to be used without cement.

Other products in the Zimmer family cement the device to the thighbone. However, out of concern for the potential for the cement to break down over time and have an adverse impact on the device, a version was designed that would rely on the bone naturally fusing to the device, without cement.

As reported in the New York Times on June 19th of last year, a noted surgeon and a former consultant with Zimmer, Dr. Richard A. Berger, implanted the cementless device in about 125 patients in 2005.

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