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Is Stone Crab Good For You?

Florida was once famous because of the abundance of stone crabs in the area. It is said that when you dip your feet in the water, you're bound to come up with a stone crab in every toe. Times have changed though and stone crabs are now considered important delicacies whereas before they were simply comforted food for the locals.

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Garcia's Seafood Grille and Fish Market is also a must-go-to place because of its cheap seafood and hearty servings. Specialties of the month are usually placed in the blackboard but have a go at their lemon-flavored grilled grouper or have a choice fish breaded or blackened.

Their Florida Lobster is said to be the best in Florida. The area is also a good area to go river-watching. It has an indoor-outdoor dining option. Another famous landmark is Rusty Pelican found in Key Biscayne.

The sight of the waterfront alone is a reason for you to go. Their Prime Rib and Lobster is good to find made more delicious by the view of the Miami Skyline. When dining, always try to find a seat outside. The seawater and breeze will help refresh the taste of the food.

Because of the onset of Latino culture, Miami is also famous for its Cuban and Mexican food. The taste is as authentic as any found in Latin places. Sergio's Café is a local favorite. Try their Pollo a la Plancha (Grilled Chicken Breast), Palomilla Steak, Shrimp Creole or al Ajillo, Vaca Frita and Calgo Gallego (White Bean Soup).

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