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What is Anorexia?

Anorexia is a disorder in which a person will avoid eating or eat as little as possible to avoid gaining weight.

It is usually seen in young people, most commonly during their puberty stages. An anorexic individual suffers from intense weight loss issues. You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about anorexia nervosa medication.

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Their body is generally 15 percent below the perfect weight. Anorexics are extremely skinny but they nevertheless think they are overweight. In summary, they have a fear of becoming fat. That is the reason they develop incorrect diet habits.

An anorexic thinks that she's obese even when she's seriously thin or is currently quite sick. Worse, she is on the point of death due to her affliction. Anorexia is quite common to individuals with high socioeconomic status. The men who reside in a planet in which the people around them are lanky tend to develop anorexia.

Signs of Anorexia

The same as any other disease, anorexia nervosa has distinct symptoms, even though a number of the patients do not encounter any of them whatsoever. The primary symptom is that the inconsistency of someone's weight along with her age, build, and height.

Additional symptoms of anorexia are:

1) The lack of menstrual interval for 3 successive months

2) Refusal to eat in people

3) Stress

4) Weakness

5) Brittleness of this Epidermis

6) Shortness of breath

7) Unusual obsession about calorie consumption


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