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Top 3 Accounting Myths

So many times I'm out in a restaurant, shop, or self-indulgent and somebody in my loved ones or group of friends says "You are the accountant, just how much is that?"

#1 Accounting is all about mathematics

This couldn't be farther than the truth. It's true, you use mathematics, but does an engineer, salesman, advertising person, lawn guy, baldness, etc.

If you would like to get paid, then you'll need to compute the amount you're owed, the shift if paid in money, your commission percentage, etc. Accountants utilize mathematics equally.

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#2 Accountant = Tax Preparer or IRS Agent

Understand that if you enter a significant tax company or chain that your taxes will be likely being prepared by a trained "tax preparer" NOT an accountant. You can also browse online resources to get more details on Tax Accountants & Tax Returns in Sydney.

This is a really short overview of a business audit. Many attorneys work in private businesses compiling financials for its managers and supervisors, a few works in fraud analyzing where they help businesses discover or investigate fraud, whereas some just consult on several topics.

#3 Accounting is for Men only

As a matter of fact, many are ruled by girls. Yes, I've observed mainly guys in the executive ranks, but girls are growing rapidly in this region too. While many businesses see that girls can balance work and family, they're respecting the skills and credentials of women in those areas.

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