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Why You and Your Small Business Needs a Great Quality Anti Virus Solution

Cybercriminals are out there and they are using automated software to infect computers to steal banking information, it is only a truth. Each year these offenders generate billions of dollars from their antivirus solution.

 Why You and Your Small Business Needs a Great Quality Anti Virus Solution

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How does this impact you? It is simple, these folks do not discriminate between individuals on the World Wide Web, and they are after everyone and anyone. So don't think your small business will slip beneath the radar. These cyber criminals do not care how small your company is.

So how can they do it? By exploiting vulnerabilities in the program in your pc and contrary to popular belief it is not merely vulnerabilities in Microsoft applications like Internet Explorer and Windows. Java, Adobe Acrobat reader, and Firefox are amongst the targets.

These vulnerabilities can be exploited automatically when you unwittingly visit a malicious web site. So you are thinking that you don't see “dodgy" sites.

Guess what, the cybercriminals aren't only targeting people visiting websites, they are using tools to automatically create legitimate looking websites in addition to infecting genuinely legitimate websites.

How can they get away with it? These individuals are working on a big scale, and they are getting away with it because of that. By spreading out their strikes and by hiding behind multiple layers of gateways, they make it tough to be pinpointed.

One method of attack is accomplished by what's known as a bonnet. A bonnet is a piece of software which will infect many tens of thousands of computers known as zombie computers and may be remotely controlled by the originator for a group. 

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