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GMO Safety Concerns Around The Word To Defeat Diseases

Beyond all the hype,  GMFs have been the stable shelf food in Europe and America, and the thought is now acceptable in other areas of the earth. In reality that the Nigerian National assembly has hurriedly passed the invoice to back the genetically modified foods manufacturing in the country.

Former President Jonathan established a committee to vet the so-called biosafety bill as passed by the National Assembly until he could sign it into law. Then, participants in the 10th anniversary of African Agricultural Technology Foundation, AATF convention say Nigeria's fantasy of attaining food sufficiency in 2015 will be a mirage unless the country adopts biotechnology in the agricultural industry. "As a matter of fact, the advantages of signing the bill into law by Mr. President are numerous," he said."

These include regulating the safe application of biotechnology in Nigeria to harness gains in fields of agriculture, medical, environmental sustainability and industrial growth." Furthermore, the law will promote material and technological transfer for research collaboration and commercialization in biotechnology.

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According to him, since 1996, biotechnology-driven crops were commercially planted and their adoption had increased steadily, with over 8.5 million planting them in 21 nations, with most African nations developing biosafety. The roundup chemical used by farmers to pretend crops from the weed has been found to cause cancer. if any of your family member suffering from cancer due to roundup then you are eligible for Monsanto roundup lawsuit.

As long as the USDA and FDA fail to give importance and attention to the GMO safety concerns, genetically engineered products may continue to affect us all – sometimes without us even knowing. That's the main danger that consumers continually face because the US government continues to allow the GMO producers to sell their products in the market without properly informing the consumers.

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