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Best Battery Operated Ozone Generator for Hunting

Ozone generators come in all shapes and sizes. There are portable ones and there are ones you can plug up at home. For hunting, you’ll be on the road quite a bit, especially in the morning. You sometimes have to track deep into the woods or a forest to do proper hunting, so you may want to take your ozone generator with you.

If not, you can use it in your car as well. The best battery-operated ozone generators are just around the corner at Damage Control 911. It can be a bit hard to find an ozone generator that runs on a battery, but they do exist. You’ll have to find one that produce enough ozone to actually kill the odor-causing bacteria that come off your body and make their way into your clothes.

This can alert the very animals you’re trying to hunt. The smallest scent on the wind can cause them to scatter and leave the area, progressing farther away from you. It’s possibly the sole reason many hunters don’t come home with a prize.

Even a battery-powered ozone generator can kill a bit of bacteria enough to remove the odors from your clothes and gear, so it’s a good idea to invest in one if you ever go hunting.

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