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Direct Mail Marketing: Not an Obsolete Concept

Now, this may sound like a really traditional concept, we mean why one would physically mail something unless it has been ordered online. However, no matter how traditional this concept may be but it is not obsolete. Yes, ‘Direct Mailing’ is still a functional strategy for marketing. Shocking? Well, then what’s coming next is breath-taking. Companies like Google, Burger King, Tylenol, Botanic Choice and many more popular companies still hold on to the concept of Direct Mail Marketing, Yes, you heard it right, Even Google has a preference for this traditional concept and it does it frequently, using FCS certified paper, mailing to only prospective clients.

So why is this Cute Love sms still surviving, especially in this digital era? Well, one of the reasons may lie in its rareness. Imagine, you, getting a hard mail from Google. You won’t believe it at first and so you check it with Google itself and there you find it saying “yes, Google still does it, but only to special customers.” SPECIAL CUSTOMERS, yes, that’s right! All of a sudden Google just made you feel special with that FCS certified piece of paper. So, in a nutshell, ‘Nobody sends emails for marketing’ is a commonly known fact and defying this law when a company does send a mail, then that is something that makes the customer feel special.

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