Which Doggie Daycare Is Right For My Dog?

Thousands of dog owners leave their homes every day to go to work and then leave countless dogs home alone either outside or inside to amuse themselves. There's nothing whatsoever wrong with this but from time to time there appears a dog that howls, whimpers, cries, and tears the house apart in his despair and isolation. The neighbors complain about the sound or the barking and the operator may become so frustrated the poor dog is taken to a shelter and left there to locate a new owner.

Not All Are Created Equal

While all doggie daycares worth their salt will give a choice of things to do and healthy treats to the coddled canines, not all are exactly the same; or, more importantly, not all accept the same. Prices will change, as would be anticipated, ranging from $8 a day to $35 depending on if the daycare is a private center run out of someone's home or a fully staffed facility. Overnight stays may be more expensive at either institution as might weekend remains if such a program is even offered.

Which Doggie Daycare Is Right For My Dog?

What Doggie Daycares Offer

Doggie daycares offer a ton of interesting and fun things for dogs to perform inside and out. They may play hide-and-seek or find-the-treat, take extended set walks, enjoy a round of tug-of-war or even be treated to a film made specifically for dogs only. If he's staying at a private residence with just a couple other dogs, he is on the sofa near his dog sitter being pampered, entirely in seventh heaven. 

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